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A retrospective of mentoring, with David Gisbey

Tim was David Gisbey's assigned mentor at DfE. They discuss with the benefit of hindsight what makes for a good mentorship relationship.

Still hiding from covid19

David & Tim improve each other's mental health with some unstructured chit-chat. Being unfixable nerds of course we still cover technology and some useful tools.

Hiding from Covid-19 and the end of 2 years at DfE

David and Tim just a have a catchup to keep sane in isolation. They discuss lessons learned from 2 years at the new DfE Digital including how to migrate platforms well, and how to do personal backlogs in the basecamp-shapeup style instead of a single backlog of doom.

Ditching Hourly coaching with Jonathan Stark

As posted at - reposted with permission.

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