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Oh no people are contributing to schema explorer!

Tim talks (rambles?) about the challenges of getting contributions to schema explorer now that it's open source, and about some things from his trello board of business ideas.

A look at basecamp's "shape up" method

Tim explains what he's learned about Shape Up! and David asks questions -

Schema Explorer update and introducing just5mins show

Update on schema explorer and introducing

Guest Duncan Brown asks about outsourcing

Duncan, David & Tim go a bit deeper into the outsourcing experiment, share a bit more about themselves, and learn about David's new role.

Show titles and outsourcing

Tim goes solo - talks about the show title and a first adventure in outsourcing.

Choosing an audience we can help

Introducing David Sheardown (@davidsheardown) and Tim Abell (@tim_abell) as they talk about their journey so far and try and figure out who they can help with a podcast and other services on a product ladder.

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